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Catching up with OSD – M. Beltzner on Mozilla, D. Humphrey on Open Source – Impressions

Been a little busy with various things so I’m doing some catching-up with the OSD600 to-do list! Today: Mike Beltzner on Mozilla and David Humphrey on open source.

If you haven’t watched the lectures yet, here are parts 1 and 2 of Mike Beltzner’s talk:


David Humphrey’s talk in various formats:

Given at Mozilla24 in Stanford: mpg, ogg, mp4

There’s a whole lot of useful stuff in Mike’s talk about Mozilla;
its history, the people behind it, the software they use, their wiki, bugzilla, etc…

David Humphrey’s talk was not technical at all and focused on the idea and practice of open source.

Overall, the talks didn’t really cover anything that we haven’t heard in some form before. However, a couple of things did resonate with me.

One of those things was Mike’s take on Mozilla’s mission. A point that he made abundantly clear was that Mozilla is an entity that really is all about its community. Whether it be browser development or any other kind of project, the Mozilla foundation’s one true commitment is to its community.

The community both drives Mozilla forward and acts as a torrent of innovation from which the foundation takes ideas which they then spearhead and throw back at the community to develop more fully. This is not how I previously perceived Mozilla and I applaud them for their community involvement.

The other point that resonated with me was something that David brought forward and developed in his talk, it was the idea that everyone, everyone, starts somewhere small. Let me put this in scope, I find it hard to believe that someone like David Humphrey, my OSD600 prof, a man that seems to live and breathe and preach open source, had at one point not known how to interact with the Mozilla community.

While obvious, the idea also seems so foreign and unexpected. This idea is refreshing and reminds me that anyone can participate in open source and that it truly is a global and wonderful effort.

Overall I found that the talks enhanced my knowledge about open source and Mozilla but didn’t really cover anything too new; what did you guys think? Drop me a comment to let me know 🙂

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