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DsStack Copy Constructor: Optimized!

Ok so I optimized the DsStack class in multiple ways.

Firstly, I re-wrote the default constructor and the SNode constructor:

 *Made data pass by reference as opposed to by value
 *and made it const
 *Made next const
SNode::SNode(const DString& data, const SNode* next)
                   : data(data), next((SNode*)next){

Stack::Stack(void) : top(NULL) {

As you may have noticed, most variables are initialized via initialization list. This is to optimize performance; it also happens to save lines 😉

I’ve made the copy constructor as well:

Stack::Stack(const Stack& src) : top(NULL) {
  if (&src != this) {
    SNode* prev(NULL);
    SNode* cur(NULL);

    for (SNode* srcCur(src.top);
          srcCur != NULL;
          srcCur = srcCur->next) {
      cur = new SNode(srcCur->data);
      if (prev != NULL)
        prev->next = cur;
        top = cur;
      prev = cur;

You’ll notice that this constructor uses initialization lists extensively. As well, I’ve tried to limit the creation of new objects as much as possible. That’s about it.


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