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So, who’s heard about this?

Sex trade laws in Canada are under attack

Source: CTV News


So basically, Dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford and former prostitute Valerie Scott shown here are arguing for better and safer prostitution laws.

In their current state, the laws push prostitutes into the dark corners of back alley streets to practice their trade. The interesting thing is that the laws in their current form deem prostitution LEGAL; however, any attempt to make the trade safer is infact ILLEGAL.

For example, selling and making money off of sex is legal while hiring protection, hiring a driver or practicing the profession indoors is illegal.

Source: CTV News

Valerie Scott left and Terri-Jean Bedford right are fighting for better and safer prostitution laws. Source: CTV News

The case is being primarily argued by lawyer Alan Young and the law students of Osgoode Hall. Evidence and argumentation is being presented this week all through thursday however a decision could take months to finally arrive.

I personally think that the case of Valerie Scott and Terri-Jean Bedford should go forward and that the current laws should be repealed. Shoving this issue under the rug will not make it go away and that’s exactly what the current laws do. I don’t know about anyone else but I would rather that prostitution happen in a brothel, some place where the profession can be regulated and the professionals protected from violent clients.


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